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DMV based Nikon professional photographer from Baltimore, MD. Harish Trivedi specializes in Sports and Commercial work. A sports photographer by experience he has a keen interest in capturing action using natural light without strobes. Sports is as real as it gets in life, there are no fantasies in sports, just sheer amount of grittiness, sweat, and often dirt and blood. Harish strives to capture this splendor and authenticity as it happens, working with lessons learned from years of experience with the ever changing unpredictable nature of photographing athletes, and the games they play. His work, ethics, and ability to adapt to fluid situations on and off the field have earned him the trust of his clients such as:

Victory Views
America East Conference (AEC)
Blue Ridge Arabian Horse Association (BRAHA)
Inside Lacrosse
Maryland State Quarter Horse Association (MSQHA)
Maryland Western Horse Association (MWHA)
The Retriever Weekly
University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

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