UMBC Women Reigns supreme in Soccer.

UMBC Retrievers concluded their historic season, which resulted in our maiden NCAA Tournament appearance, with a program best 13 victories and UMBC’s first ever regular season and America East Conference championship titles. Here's how that AEC championship game panned out in pictures.

004_0341_13-11-09_19-25-57004_0341_13-11-09_19-25-57 Up: Pre-game warm up. Coach Leslie Wray watches as Dailey demonstrates how they are going to stun and dispatch challengers off the field.

Below Left: Asst. Coach Paul Keeling testing Lauren's unflinchingly quick reflexes.

004_0191_13-11-09_19-22-41004_0191_13-11-09_19-22-41 004_1373_13-11-09_20-05-32004_1373_13-11-09_20-05-32











Above and Below: While Retrievers strategize for the battle on hand, the Seawolves indulge in some mundane pregame ritual of desecrating our beautiful Bermuda grass field. They plucked a handful and threw it over their shoulder, which I think only makes the soccer gods angry.


Below: Jessy gets serious right from the beginning of the game; as expected she is brought down, many times....without penalty.

004_1927_13-11-09_20-33-49004_1927_13-11-09_20-33-49 004_1930_13-11-09_20-33-49004_1930_13-11-09_20-33-49






004_2051_13-11-09_20-38-23004_2051_13-11-09_20-38-23 004_1992_13-11-09_20-35-33004_1992_13-11-09_20-35-33









004_2089_13-11-09_20-40-34004_2089_13-11-09_20-40-34 Above: Our midfielders kept centering the ball all game long, and made it really tough for the seawolves defense.

Left: The best defense seawolves came up against our midfielders was to grab the white shirts, but there's no stopping the Dailey express.

Below: Fresh legs in.








004_2166_13-11-09_20-44-23004_2166_13-11-09_20-44-23 Above: Jessy kept heading them in relentlessly.

004_2173_13-11-09_20-47-33004_2173_13-11-09_20-47-33 004_2189_13-11-09_20-48-25004_2189_13-11-09_20-48-25









Above: When the going gets tough, suddenly the seawolves had a flurry of nose bleeds.

004_2202_13-11-09_20-48-47004_2202_13-11-09_20-48-47 004_2206_13-11-09_20-48-48004_2206_13-11-09_20-48-48











Above Left: Until finally Jessy send one scorching header across four seawolves defenders. Above Right: Women's Basketball team watch in anticipation as Jessy's header flew right past the goalie but then bounced off the goal post.
004_2208_13-11-09_20-48-49004_2208_13-11-09_20-48-49 004_2211_13-11-09_20-48-50004_2211_13-11-09_20-48-50









Above Left: Boretti unmindful of the tackle kept her footing and nudged it securely past the goalie one more time for the equalizer, and her career 2nd goal of the season. Above Rigth: Burress follows the ball into the net, just in case.

Above: Boretti celebration.

004_2268_13-11-09_20-51-32004_2268_13-11-09_20-51-32 004_2301_13-11-09_21-20-33004_2301_13-11-09_21-20-33










Above Left: #7 really wants Jessy's shirt. She got most leeway for the amount of fouls committed no whistle, no warning. Strike-1.                   Above Right: Alexa was another of our forward who got tackled relentlessly.
004_2419_13-11-09_21-23-08004_2419_13-11-09_21-23-08 004_2441_13-11-09_21-23-27004_2441_13-11-09_21-23-27









Above Left: But she is really nimble on her feet and prevailed more often than the tackler, this one was probably her 60th shot of the season. Above Right: Retrievers celebrate as Jessy's championship winning header finds the net.

004_2563_13-11-09_21-30-21a004_2563_13-11-09_21-30-21a 004_2836_13-11-09_21-55-06004_2836_13-11-09_21-55-06















Above Left: Boretti can really jump. Above Right: Strike 2 against Seawolf #7, referee probably forgot he had a whistle in his hand.
004_2852_13-11-09_21-55-27004_2852_13-11-09_21-55-27 004_2878_13-11-09_21-55-45004_2878_13-11-09_21-55-45










Above Left: Strike 3 for seawolf #7      Above Right: Finally, Seawolf #7 gets a yellow card, but looks like she still feels victimized.
004_2968_13-11-09_21-58-32004_2968_13-11-09_21-58-32 Above: For the final few minutes of the game, ball was mostly restricted to the seawolf half. Retriever midfielders and forwards rush across the field to pile up on Lauren in celebration of historic first ever victory at the America East Championship game, that too on home field (because we are regular season champions as well) how sweet is that!
004_3008_13-11-09_21-59-23004_3008_13-11-09_21-59-23 004_3065_13-11-09_22-06-59004_3065_13-11-09_22-06-59









Above: Trophies and their winners

004_3078_13-11-09_22-09-24004_3078_13-11-09_22-09-24 004_3087_13-11-09_22-09-33004_3087_13-11-09_22-09-33










Above Left: Alexa Quaranta receiving her "2013 All-Tournament Team" award from AEC Commissioner Amy Huchthausen. Above Right: Nikki Boretti also made it to "2013 All-Tournament Team" and receives her award from the commissioner.
004_3098_13-11-09_22-09-43004_3098_13-11-09_22-09-43 004_3108_13-11-09_22-09-48004_3108_13-11-09_22-09-48










Above Left: Lauren Kadet my fellow Ontarian receiving her "2013 All-Tournament Team" award from AEC Commissioner Amy Huchthausen. She finished her career as the program’s All-Time-Saves leader at 397 saves. Above Right: Jessy Brown receiving her "2013 All-Tournament Team" award from AEC Commissioner Amy Huchthausen.
004_3122_13-11-09_22-10-03004_3122_13-11-09_22-10-03 004_3140_13-11-09_22-10-51004_3140_13-11-09_22-10-51









Above: Jessy Brown called once again by AEC Commissioner Amy Huchthausen to receive her "Most Outstanding Player" award.

Right: Final trophy of the night 2013 Championship trophy being awarded to Retriever captains Lauren and Jessy by AEC Commissioner Amy Huchthausen.

Below Left: Don’t know what they are talking about, may be "Jessy's saying...Hey this trophy matches your outfit"





















Above: Number 1
Below: Quite a few twinkling eyes in there, eh!

004_3183_13-11-09_22-11-54a004_3183_13-11-09_22-11-54a 004_3189_13-11-09_22-12-49004_3189_13-11-09_22-12-49 Above: She is the one, she turned it around 180 degrees, and not only did she put us on path to victory just less than 22 months ago; but took us from Zeros to Heroes. While other programs dilly-dally around #2 or #3 spot for years at end, she went straight for the kill at number 1 or shall we say Venimus, Vidimus, Leslie's Retrievers vicit.

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UMBC women's soccer concedes season opener by a lean 1-0 score to Mount St. Mary's

Retrievers started with a team of 36% freshman for second straight year, with 567 spectators in attendance at UMBC's lush green Bermuda grass Soccer Park.


(L) Fistbumps and handshakes. (R) Captain and goalkeep Lauren rallying the troops.

004_0112_13-08-23_19-00-49 004_0123_13-08-23_19-02-16_1













(L) Ouch!!! (R) Lauren with a prolific 308 career saves in 2012 ranked 19th nationally in total saves, bumps one more up and away.

004_0129_13-08-23_19-04-15 004_0131_13-08-23_19-04-46










 (L) Fresher Amanda Dailey Stopping one in midair. (R) Foul!! one of quite a few not noticed by officials.  

004_0233_13-08-23_19-15-07 004_0285_13-08-23_19-19-29












(L) First year forward/middle Amanda Dailey seen squeezing past Mount defenders. (R) Lily Rydon scouting for a receiver

004_0302_13-08-23_19-20-45 004_0310_13-08-23_19-21-09















(L) Halfhearted tackle. (R) Local Marylander Destinee Morris with what would be one of her 4 shots of the day, 2 from inside the box.

004_0331_13-08-23_19-22-39_1 004_0378_13-08-23_19-26-29














(L) Captain Jessy executing a tough borderline extraction. (R) Lauren saves!

004_0484_13-08-23_19-47-43 004_0577_13-08-23_20-10-26        











(L) Lauren with one of the six saves of the night. (R) Nikki Boretti an America East Commissioner's Roll honoree takes on a tackle to get the ball past a hostile midfielder.

800_9636_13-08-23_20-11-13nx 004_0633_13-08-23_20-16-48














Link to more pictures in gallery

America East Tennis Championships 2013, April 28 2013

UMBC Retrievers have been knocking at NCAA doors for last four years but each time Binghamton Bearcats slyly slinks past them with an America East Conference Championship win. This year was no different; Binghamton continued its recent dominance of America East tennis, cruising to a 4-0 win for its sixth straight conference championship.

Daniel Gray20130428_10_20_23_Harish Trivedi Justin Carter20130428_12_22_11_Harish Trivedi











In singles, matches at Nos. 1 and 6 featured a hard fought first sets. In the sixth position, sophomore Daniel Gray (Bowie, Md./The Bullis School) captured that first set, 7-5, over Bearcat's Floridan van Kann. But Retriever No. 1 freshman Justin Carter (Randallstown, Md.) lost a see-saw affair to Bearcat freshman Sid Hazarika by that same 7-5 score, Sid then went on to win the second set 6-0 sealing the match and championship for Binghamton.

Sid Hazarika20130428_12_34_56_Harish Trivedi 20130428_12_48_48_01_Harish Trivedi














Following the men’s finals on this very overcast Sunday, Stony Brook girls went rampant at the UMBC Tennis complex to win their second consecutive AEC championship title, this year against Albany. Nini's (# 115 ITA national ranking) win also earned her the Most Outstanding Player honor.
Nini Lagvilava20130428_15_48_37_Harish Trivedi Polina Movchan20130428_15_55_35_Harish Trivedi









                        Nini Lagvilava (SBU) def. Santos-Bravo (UA) 6-0, 6-1

       Polina Movchan (SBU) def. Lopez (UA) 6-2, 6-1

                              Cassie Dix (SBU) def. Crummey (UA) 6-1, 6-2
20130428_16_11_55_Harish Trivedi

20130428_16_40_43_Harish Trivedi














More pictures from the AEC Men's finals

More pictures from the AEC Women's finals

Big Dawg Invitational, March 30 2013

On the March 30 event, Dennison Long claimed his first title of the outdoor season by winning the 200m dash (21.83), in addition to qualifying for the IC4A meet in the 100m dash with a time of 10.81

20130330_11_28_11_Harish Trivedi 20130330_12_43_30_Harish Trivedi
















Sprinter Mercedes Jackson led the Retrievers on the day, breaking a pair of school marks. In the 100m dash, Jackson led a group of four Retrievers in the top-five, winning the event with a time of 11.65 and qualifying for May's ECAC meet. Jackson made it a sweep by taking top honors in the 200m dash with a new personal-record time of 23.60. She along with freshman D'Nique Phillip (24.51), the second-place finisher, qualified for the regional meet with Phillip recording the third-fastest time in school history.

20130330_11_20_45_Harish Trivedi 20130330_15_29_04_Harish Trivedi












The Retrievers owned both the women's relay races, claiming the 4x100 and the 4x400 events, both in ECAC-qualifying time. In the shorter of the two, Ebonique Jones, Phillip, freshman Tessa Seale and Jackson combined to cross the line in 47.28

More pictures of the event in gallery

(Statistics courtesy of Paige Schneider, UMBC Athletic Communications)



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